Negussie Boti Hanan Abdulkadir Meseret Girma Firdawek Getahun Sultan Hussen Blicha Oumer


Background: Adolescent period is characterized by having physical, social, and psychological behaviors that put themselves for different problems like pregnancy. Those pregnancies which occur during the adolescent period result in poor maternal and child health.

Objective: The aim of this study is to identify determinants of pregnancy among late adolescents who visit public health facilities of Arba Minch town, Ethiopia 2019

Methods: An institution-based unmatched case-control study was conducted from Feb 9-Apr 9 2019. Cases were pregnant Adolescents age (15-19 years) who came for delivery, abortion or antenatal care on other hand controls were non-pregnant adolescents age (15-19 years) who visited outpatient department or youth-friendly services for other cases (ruled out by history and HCG pregnancy test). The total sample size was 380 (85 cases and 285 controls) which were randomly selected. Data was collected by using face-to-face interviews and entered into Epi-data version 3.4 then exported to SPSS version-23 for analysis. Multivariable logistic regression was used to assess determinants. Statistically, significance was considered at a p-value ≤ 0.05.

 Result: Finding of this study show that family monthly income less than one thousand Ethiopian Birr (AOR=11.11; 95%CI 2.65-46.65), family history of pregnancy before age 19 years (AOR=2.85; 95%CI 1.04-7.79), starting first sex without desire (AOR=2.52; 95%CI1.07-5.93) and poor modern contraceptive methods (AOR=4.84; 95%CI 2.09-11.20) were determinate of adolescents in the study area.

Conclusion: Family income, family history of adolescent pregnancy, starting first sex without desire, and poor modern contraceptive methods were determinants of adolescents’ pregnancy. Therefore, respective stakeholders should develop interventions especially about modern family planning methods for adolescents.

Keywords: Late adolescent pregnancy; Determinants; Arba Minch town public health facilities



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