Beyene Abera Hangachew Fitsum Araya Wubishet Girma


This is the case report of a rare form of genital TB, cervical tuberculosis, which accounts for only 5-15 % of
genitourinary tuberculosis (GUTB). Although pulmonary tuberculosis remains the commonest and the most
infectious type of tuberculosis, extra pulmonary tuberculosis is becoming more prevalent in reproductive age women
of developing countries. We report a case of 24 years old married nullparous lady presented with vaginal discharge
and mild lower abdominal pain despite repeated treatment with antibiotics. She became amenorrhea and failed to
conceive for the last 5 years despite regular, unprotected sexual activity. She visited different health facilities before
her referral to Jimma University Medical Centre where genital tuberculosis was confirmed histologically by the
presence of caseous necrosis and epithloid granuloma on cervical biopsy
KEYWORDS: Cervical tuberculosis, amenorrhea, infertility



Case Report